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When a relationship ends it is a challenging time for all concerned. Often, when you are going though a separation or divorce you feel so overwhelmed with emotion and fear that it can be difficult to think rationally and logically about the many practical matters that need to be addressed. That’s why it is a time in your life when, above all else, you need a highly experienced Central Coast Lawyer who specialises in family law by your side.

An accredited Central Coast family lawyer since 1994, Katie Smith will listen and be compassionate towards your individual circumstances while remaining objective at all times. She will take the time to learn about your personal circumstances and work with you to achieve your desired outcome, but always at an upfront, agreed cost so you know exactly where you stand.

It’s about getting the best results for you.

Every situation is different.

Whether you are in a traditional marriage, de facto or same sex relationship, separation and divorce can trigger a range of disputes. These can range from personal matters to financial and family related issues. What will happen to the kids? What about the house and other assets? What about the business and the joint debts?

Our accredited family law specialist, Katie Smith will look at the big picture and offer practical, effective and easy to understand information. She will empower you by letting you know the pros and cons of every option available to you. Above all, Katie will help you find the best possible solutions for you and your family so you can make a positive, fresh new start to your life.

Getting the right advice early can make a dramatic difference to the outcome of your family law matter. Even if you are just thinking about commencing separation or divorce proceedings, contact us today to find out your rights, where you stand and the best way forward to suit your personal situation and protect your family’s well-being.

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